Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors

ESS has designed and developed an innovative surface-bulk micromachining SOI process, which enables the fabrication of MEMS capacitive pressure sensors.ESS is the owner and exclusive user of this SOI process.

Based on this process, ESS has fabricated a family of capacitive pressure sensors.

Capacitive pressure sensors present several advantages compared to the mature piezoresistive implementations like less thermal effects and outstanding long term stability. On top of that, packaged induced effects like stresses are minimized. Hysteresis and repeatability are excellent resulting in world class pressure sensors.

Performance of the pressure sensors is boosted even further by implementing novel architectures with reference and sense capacitors implemented within the same die. This architecture enables compensation of process variations and common mode effects like temperature and noise.

Pressure sensors can be delivered either as single dies or in different type of packages targeting various applications. Each packaged pressure sensor integrates besides the MEMS pressure sensor die, a full custom mixed signal capacitive sensor signal conditioning IC of the ESS family of ASIC’s. The pressure sensors are fully calibrated and temperature compensated in the range of interest, thus they are ready to be used either as a stand-alone components or integrated directly to the end user system without further processing.

MEMS Sensor Dies

The ESCP2 series of MEMS silicone capacitive pressure sensors are manufactured using ESS’ proprietary SOI micro-fabrication TM30 process for absolute capacitive pressure sensors.

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PCB Sensors

ESS has developed a series of printed circuit board mountable pressure sensors suitable for dry, clean air or non-corrosive gases. The PCB sensor series comes in a variety of packages with and without pneumatic ports to suite all applications.

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The ESCP2-M2 is the standard O19 stainless steel pressure sensor module family. There is a media isolated version for applications requiring resistance to corrosive fluids or gases and a media compatible version for direct contact of the medium to the sensing element.

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The ESCP2-M4 is the industrial family of pressure transmitters. They come in several pressure ranges with analog (4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V) and digital (SPI/TWI) outputs.

The pressure transmitters come also in various standard thread pmeumatic ports as well as custom threaded upon request

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